Help With An Existing Order

Where do I get invoice for my purchase ?

For all online orders, you will receive an email with invoice as soon as the order is processed. The package shipped also will have a physical invoice for your convenience. You can also find invoices for all past orders by logging in to your account and selecting “My Orders” from the left menu. For orders placed offline using PO or other methods, we will send out an invoice to your mail ID as soon as the order is processed. At any point of time, you may contact us if you are unable to locate the order or invoice.

How do I track my package ?

All shipping options are trackable at this time. As soon as the order is shipped, you will receive an email with information on how to retrieve the tracking number. Tracking updates will be available for FedEx/UPS/DHL shipments at their respective websites (, or as soon as the order is shipped. It may take approximately 3 – 4 days before tracking updates are available for EMS/USPS shipments at (for US customers) or your country’s postal service website. Tracking updates for Registered Posts (free shipping) may be available at your country’s postal website only a few days before delivery. Optionally, you may visit for tracking status as well.

How to retrieve tracking number ?

As soon as your order is shipped, you will receive an email with tracking number. If for some reason the email is not delivered or you don’t have the email for other reasons, please log in to My Orders section in your account and select the order of interest. The tracking number should be available in the order details page. If the order number is not available in the order details page or if you believe the tracking number is incorrect, please Contact Us so we can help you with locating correct tracking number.

Is free shipping trackable?

Yes, but with some limitations. Tracking number for free shipping will be available as soon as the order is completed. The orders shipped via “Free Shipping” method is delivered by your country’s postal department (For example, USPS in USA, Royal Mail in UK etc..) and the tracking number can be used at their website to track the package. The caveat is that different postal departments choose to make the status available at different times. In some cases status may be available in less than a week. But in some other cases, status update may not be available at all. But at any point of time you may contact us to inquire about the order and we will try our best to provide the available information.

When is my products shipped out ?

We ship all orders same day or the next business day. Shipping delays are very rare, but if for any reason we believe that we are unable to ship the order in  a reasonable time frame, we will get in touch with you immediately with more information.